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Combining the latest in technology with our years of experience in helping farmers, Profit Partners is dedicated to helping increase the productivity of your land. By using information obtained from Global Positioning Systems (GPS) satellites, along with good old-fashioned planning, Profit Partners enables farmers to analyze 60 to 80 variables for each piece of ground on their farms.

Our technology precisely measures each piece of land and converts the variables into color-coded maps for viewing and data for analyses. By knowing what to expect from each piece of land, farmers are better able to tweak the variables to make their land as productive as possible.

Today's crop production is becoming more complex. Profit Partners compares yield by variety, soil type, CSR, pH, residual and applied fertility, planting date, tillage method, and weather. Profit Partners also enables you to confidentially compare your results to others', so that you can best decide how to tweak the variables that influence your land's productivity.

Our Customers.

Like you, our customers are forward-thinking farmers who want to improve the productivity of their land. They are farmers who continually seek better management techniques for their farms in order to improve their profitability.

Our People

We are passionate about farming and using technology to boost a farm's profitability.

We have over 2 Million acres of crop history from which to draw conclusions and growing conditions, seed hybrids and soil types. Coupled with many years of experience in the ag industry, we offer farmers improved information about their land, allowing them to better control the variables that impact.

For more information click here to visit Profit Partners' Web Site or contact us at:

Profit Partners
Crop Consulting
22641 220th Ave.
Mt. Union, IA 52644

phone: 319-865-1406

Sky Griffith
Cell: 319-931-1094

Tracy Lair
Cell: 319-931-1465

Carla Wagamon

Jimmie Daugherty

Tracy Reese
Cell: 515-450-9621

Doug Johnson
Cell: 641-242-0325

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