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Golden Furrow Fertilizer, Inc. History

Golden Furrow Fertilizer was started in 1978 by Tom Fullenkamp and 3 employees. The business was purchased from Don Pool of Eldon, Iowa. Over the past 31 years GFF has grown over Southeastern Iowa to employee 62 full-time people and 75 part-time (seasonal workers) The company’s motto is “Results in the field are our first concern”.

Golden Furrow specializes in product knowledge and customer service. Over a span of 30 years, GFF has purchased and consolidated 13 locations down to 3-trade areas of Eldon, Bloomfield and Mt. Union. As demand and average farm size increases, these three facilities travel out from a center hub to serve our customers with more efficiency. We recently purchased the Fairfield and Brighton Ag. facilities. We will build a new facility this year, to be located 8 miles north of Fairfield.

Besides normal agronomy services, GFF has expanded into custom application of anhydrous ammonia and V ripping for farmers. Profit Partners began in 1999 as our division dealing with precision agriculture through geo-referenced soil tests, nutrient and manure application, and yield data. All this data is downloaded thru satellites and compiled for our customer’s own personal information on every acre that he farms.

Of Golden Furrow’s 62 full time employees, 35 have college degrees, with 25 of those being in agronomy or ag-business. Our average number of years of experience is 16.6 years. Our goal is to hire the best and keep them.

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